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Using a Healthcare CRM to Send Health Care Information to a Patient’s Mobile Device


If you’re used to doing the same procedures in your healthcare practice for the last decade or two, you’re perhaps stuck in a rut as a result. Particularly if you’re used to paper-based systems for all medical documentation, you may feel like there isn’t any other way to make things works efficiently. You may also think that doing things the old way is the only way to reach out personally to patients.

healthcare CRM

When you use a healthcare CRM, things change exponentially for the better. While you’ve maybe shied away from new technologies out of fear you’d have a steep learning curve, CRM’s are mostly easy to learn, intuitive, and full of features.

Despite many CRM’s available, not all of them are easy to learn, as well as being overly expensive. When you find one streamlining your medical files with accessible communication to patients, you get the best of all worlds.

It’s even better when you can send documents to patients by smartphone to go paperless. Let’s look at the advantages of this and how simple it is.

Sending Insurance Papers Digitally

There isn’t anything more time-consuming than insurance papers, especially when you have a new patient coming in for their first appointment. It can take up to half-an-hour or more for a patient to fill out these documents on paper. Then it becomes extra burdensome on your medical staff keeping these documents properly organized so they don’t become lost.

No doubt you’ve had more than a few insurance docs go missing due to human error and basic disorganization.

Forget about all those piles of paper and send insurance documentation digitally through your CRM. All the patient has to do is upload an app on their mobile device so they can receive messages from you.

Sending documents to their mobile device is merely one-click away, letting them fill out insurance papers digitally. All they have to do is a few steps to send them back to you.

Sending Medical Information Digitally

You don’t have to send just insurance documentation to a patient’s smartphone. It’s possible to send educational health information so it can help ease the patient’s anxiety about a possible chronic illness.

Plus, it helps to reiterate all procedures you do in your office to a first-time patient. By educating them on what to expect and how they can control an illness in the meantime, you’ll reduce patient stress tenfold.

For existing patients, you’ll already know about some of the health challenges they face. Sending them educational information to their phones before and after their doctor visit helps the patient learn while on the go.

Sending Information on Post-Care Recovery

It’s time to stop forcing patients to take home a giant notebook full of papers on how to care for themselves during the recovery stage. Thanks to CRM’s having automated ability, you can send perfectly timed texts to patients about medication reminders, or other tips on recovering faster.

Sending recovery information to their mobile devices before the patient even leaves the hospital allows them to learn some information in advance. Rather than being forced to deal with a stack of papers, they can get all the pertinent info they need digitally without getting in the way of their other apps.

Reach Family Members

You may pride yourself on being a family centered medical practice, though frequently have problems connecting to every family member. When they all use your CRM app on their phones, you’ll reach every person in the family concurrently with one text.

When medical emergencies arise, this is invaluable to save having to call multiple people on your phone bill. It’s the same for basic appointment reminders thanks to timed automation and sending texts at the appropriate day and hour.

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