Personalized Care in Half the Time with a Mobile Healthcare CRM

Doctors are constantly on the go. Especially busy family physicians and general practitioners who are responsible for the day to day health of sometimes thousands of people per office. Unfortunately, providing personalized and continuous care requires retrieving patient files, going over them before or during the appointment, adding to them with new patient information, and referencing the files when suggesting a care plan. The truly crazy part is how many doctors offices are still using paper files. HealthGrid utilizes the technology we all use every day with Mobile Healthcare.

Mobile Healthcare CRMs

The CRM or Customer Relationships Management software was practically made for medical services. Your CRM provides a dynamic way to record each individual patient’s data and most have a convenient mobile platform. This allows you to keep all patient information in one place, easily and quickly referenced without the hassle of pulling and flipping through physical files. You can even make instant edits with the dashboard open during each appointment.

Personalized Care

Healthcare is a personal business. The best way to provide care is to understand each patient, from their medical history to their most recent health concerns. Most of the time between doctor and patient in a standard appointment is spent gathering information. With a CRM, you can familiarize yourself with their history almost instantly, see the symptoms they listed in the appointment making software, and quickly ascertain and record details when you meet with them. This allows you to create a personal health solution for each patient in a fraction of the time usually spent on data.

CRMs are amazing mobile healthcare tools, from booking appointments to helping busy doctors keep up with those appointment times during the day. If your healthcare office is still using paper documentation as their primary record keeping method, it may be time to upgrade to a CRM.