How to get ready for Patient Engagement 2.0

Does your patient engagement strategy currently rely on the same archaic tactics that most organizations suffer from? It’s time to get connected, and meet your patients where they are – on their mobile phones.  Statistics have proven 60%-70% of your patient population is primed to actively engage with you—we know this because we facilitate over 100,000 unique patient activations per day.

Use this brief checklist to measure and assess how your organization ‘stacks up’ in its evolution to Patient Engagement 2.0.

Patient Engagement Basics

  • Meet Your Patients Where They Are. Your patient portal isn’t enough. The good news however, is that 91% of your patients own a mobile phone. As a result, you have one centralized channel to connect with your patients – a tremendous opportunity to engage them as consumers, just as they’ve come to expect.
  • Ensure Access to Information — Any time, Any place, Any device. A mobile-first strategy is the key to an era of patient-centered healthcare…your patients’ mobility and ability to facilitate asynchronous communication means that you have an opportunity to make information available to your patients in new ways. Make sure that information isn’t being blocked or slowed unnecessarily.>
  • Engage Your Care Team. Don’t leave your patients out there on their own. They already trust your providers – leveraging that trust is essential to successful patient engagement initiatives. Involve your care team in strategic planning and make sure they understand your patient-facing initiatives.

Patient Engagement 2.0

  • Fire Up Your Leadership. A future that centers on your patients will require your leadership be actively invested in developing and implementing patient-centered strategies. This might take a few extra development and training sessions, but it will be worth it.
  • Treat Your Patients Like Customers. This concept is likely somewhat foreign to people at every level of your organization, but if you want to transition into a future of patient-centered health, you’ll need to start making the shift today — Say it with us. . .“Our patients are customers who deserve attention, communication and satisfaction in their healthcare experiences.”
  • Center Technology. …not over patients of course, but instead, focus on leveraging your patients’ existing engagement with technology as a platform for your forward-thinking patient engagement initiatives. This means a focus on not only BYOD security, but also on leveraging it to the fullest to reach out to your patients. (If you think your IT department is important now, just wait a few years.)

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