Happy dentist and patient commenting treatments in a tablet application in a consultation with medical equipment in the background. Patient Engagement concept

Patient Engagement: Improving Overall Health Outcomes

What do you think is the best way to improve health? We think one of the best ways to improve health outcomes is for patients and healthcare providers to work together as a team. A patient’s engagement in healthcare will become a huge contribution to better health outcomes, and one of the ways that patient engagement is supported is through information technologies.

All patients want to feel included in the healthcare decision-making. Once patients feel included, they will become more engaged and will take an active approach to improving their health. Patients who are active and engaged will generally find themselves happier and healthier because of the improved outcomes.

When providers want to become more patient-centric, they need to be equipped with the right amount of data. Healthcare providers receive data from a variety of sources, including Electronic Health Records(EHR), billing, patient portals, wearable technology, etc. Data will come in a variety of forms and a variety of formats. Unfortunately, when there is a lack of understanding of the data, this can lead to confusion about how to use the data.

Fortunately, there are tools that can be used to put an end to the low data quality and the constant use of manual processes. The data that is received by healthcare providers can now be used to improve the overall health outcomes of patients. With the increase of technology use in healthcare settings, healthcare providers can now connect with patients on common platforms.

Health IT Value Suite will give all healthcare providers the tools they need to connect with patients and their families electronically. How can healthcare providers form connections with patients, families, and caregivers online? Health IT Value Suite will offer patient portals, a secure messaging system, and connections can even be formed online through social media.

What are your plans for improving patient engagement in your healthcare facility?