Patient engagement can turn a vulnerable situation into an empowered experience

Patients can feel vulnerable for a multitude of reasons when they are sick and require treatment from health care facilities. These feelings of vulnerability can increase stress levels and add to the mental and/or physical illnesses the patient is already experiencing. Patient engagement eases these feelings because the patient is more connected, involved, and informed throughout the entire process.

Knowledge is Power

Many patients can easily feel overwhelmed by all the information they are given and the hospital verbiage being used. CRM provides further education through intelligent outreach. When patients are knowledgeable of the medications they are taking and the screenings obtained they feel more in control of their health. Having this control will reduce feelings of vulnerability, thus reducing stress.

Easier Recall

It is not always so easy to recall the name of the medication the doctor has prescribed. Not to mention the correct spelling of the drug. Now patients can reduce stress by not having to recall every medication and/or procedure from their memory alone. Through CRM, patients can easily see which medications the doctor has prescribed and the procedures preformed. Knowing what medications the patient is currently taking is vital information in certain situations.

Reduced wait times

When patients are not feeling well, one of the last things they want to do is wait for long times before being seen. Reducing wait times can alleviate feelings of anxiety, thus helping to reduce stress. CRM provides patients with mobile check-in, which may improve wait times. In addition, the patient can also update and sign-off on many forms while still being in the comfort of their own homes.

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