young girl in hospital bed using cellphone to look at new media

Leverage New Media to Enhance Patient Engagement

Though much depends on the demographics of your particular area of practice, it’s likely that your patients engage frequently with all manner of new media. Because they’re already engaged in that way, you can learn to leverage the power of new media to bolster patient engagement.

Understanding New Media

New media is the catch-all term to denote any communication that takes place by way of Internet and computer technology. It would include anything from blogs to social media platforms to online videos and podcasts. Although a hard and fast line between older forms of media and new media can be difficult to draw since old media forms (such as newspaper articles) can certainly also appear online, it’s important to make one clear distinction:

New media has introduced user interaction, rather than simply consuming media. New media can be customized to the users’ preferences and it can selectively link from one form of content to another.

It is this distinction that makes new media such a powerful tool for patient engagement.

Leveraging New Media for Increased Engagement

When looking to leverage new media for increased patient engagement, remember the important function of interaction.

  • Post a public Q&A on your Facebook page.
  • Interact with your followers on Twitter, asking questions and engaging them on topics important to your practice.
  • Open the comment section under your YouTube videos and respond to questions.
  • Put out an open call for pics of your patients engaging in some aspect of their treatment plan, alerting them that the best pics will appear on your Instagram account in the following weeks.

These are just small suggestions. We’re sure that with a little bit of brainstorming, you will come up with options that best suit you. Once you get the mental ball rolling, who knows where it will stop.

We Can Help

At HealthGrid, we are always looking for more effective ways to help you keep your patients engaged. We hope that by learning to leverage the power of new media, you will be able to do just that.