Increase Patient Engagement through Texting

People love to have information delivered right to their fingertips, especially when it is specifically tailored to their situation. One way to do this is to develop tailored text messages with your patients in mind. It’s an easy and quick way to increase patient engagement for your practice. Here are just a few ways texting your patients is beneficial to your practice.

Fewer no-shows.

According to Business Insider, millennials are shying away from using the phone as a talking device because they find it invasive or inconvenient. They are much more comfortable with sending and receiving text messages. This means when they have to cancel a doctor’s appointment, many of them will simply not show up and take whatever consequences may be associated. By sending text messages to your patients, they can reply if they are coming or not without the added pressure of speaking on the phone. Not only will this lead to fewer no-shows in your office, but it also frees up a phone line for medical questions or other pressing matters.

Easy to send reminders.

People are busy and forgetful, which means they miss appointments, prescription refills, or important screenings. A simple way to increase patient engagement is to send a text message reminding them of what they need to do. A recent study by Health IT Outcomes noted patients who are sent continuous reminders are more likely to follow the instructions and stay on top of their own health. You can use an app like Remind to help reach a greater number of people. Don’t worry, even though it’s set up for teachers, you can tailor it to your needs.

Send updates or studies.

If there’s news about a clinical study or a particular problem, you can use text messaging to directly address concerns without having your office bombarded with unnecessary visits. For example, if the news reports that people with diabetes are more likely to develop a particular kind of cancer, you can directly allay those fears or encourage patients to come in for a screening, all with the touch of a button.

Texting to increase patient engagement is a quick, easy, and inexpensive way to reach your clients without using up a lot of office resources.