4 Simple Ways to Improve Patient Engagement

According to Medical Practice Insider, improving your levels of patient engagement provides a number of benefits. These include lower costs due to more efficient work processes, better communication with patients, higher levels of patient satisfaction, and even the improved health of the population in general.

What are some ways to improve your levels so you can enjoy these types of results, and more? Here are four simple options to consider:

Offer Open Access Scheduling.

This patient engagement technique was recently implemented by Cleveland Clinic and enables patients to log in through an online website to make and reschedule their medical appointments. This practice is also beneficial to the healthcare provider as it reduces the workload for office staff.

Use Text Messages.

One Pew Research Center study found that 95 percent of all Americans have a mobile phone, and 77 percent of them qualify as smartphones. This makes text messages a great way to remind patients of upcoming appointments, provide information on in-office class offerings, or to update them on any other services they need to schedule.

Connect with Area Businesses.

Because health is multi-faceted, another effective patient engagement improvement option is to connect with area businesses in the health and wellness field to inquire as to whether they’re willing to offer their services to your patients at a reduced rate. You can do the same for them and not only will you have healthier patients, but you’ll also have a wider client pool.

Use Social Media.

Approximately 81 percent of the population is using social media of some kind in today’s day and age. That makes this a great place to engage with your patients because they’re already there. Create and share posts and videos to stay in their news feed, reminding them that you’re their number one healthcare provider of choice.

Improve patient engagement and you will improve patient health as well as the health of your business. That makes this a win/win for everyone involved.