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A common complaint about Apple stores is the long wait for appointments at the Genius Bar. On our second night we tried the Steak House and the meat was tough and very greasy and the vegetables mashed and soaked in oil. It was difficult if not impossible to get a salad unless you raided the condiment section of the burger buffet and used the lettuce, tomato and onion as a basic garden salad. Upon our return late that afternoon we had a message left for us on our bathroom sink that the PR supervisor had called to talk to us at 11:30am and that we could go to the front desk to meet with her. Well, the food in plain terms was mediocre. We chose the Riu Guanacaste hotel because we were hoping to enjoy the ocean beach. Original review: Oct. 1, 2020. The liquor was also very cheap branded. Below is the text of a letter I sent to John Mullen, President of Apple Vacations and their response. Our chambermaid would arrive somewhere between 11am and 5pm. The Apple and Iberostar websites boost: Once we got to the hotel the check in was ok. g. When you ordered room service you got your food within a reasonable period of time but it was not always warm (forget hot) and they usually did not bring any condiments. Specifically, we had a number of what we considered to be legitimate issues to include; 151 Apple Vacations Reviews and Complaints @ Pissed Consumer c. The air condition ranged from “kind of working” to being ok, Most of the bread based/puff pastry desserts (cream puffs, vol-a-vue, pastries) were stale and hard to cut much less ingest. Apple advertises the Paraiso Lindo as a "ALL INCLUSIVE VALUE ADDED" Resort with a 5 + Orange rating. I went with Apple to have this trip planned for us. This company does respond, but not as often as you'd expect them to. It was difficult if not impossible to get a salad unless you raided the condiment section of the burger buffet and used the lettuce, tomato and onion as a basic garden salad. If you called from your room they would be there anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes and were very accommodating. Please note that this is the contact page for support and service, not the general page for contacting Apple, which includes information on sales and product inquiries.. Before you call, have your serial number ready or start your support request online and we'll connect you to an expert. A little bit later the pilot then announced that we were going to have to stop in Orlando, Fl to refuel BUT we would not have to disembark…just fuel up and be back in the air. We did not hear anything and when we had the issue with the staff members dismantling the dining room around us at 7pm (during our meal) we went back to the front desk and was asked to wait a few minutes and a representative from PR would be right over to talk to us. Our remaining three meals were again reheated and rubbery. after almost an hour wait in the line to check in the rep at the desk says, "oh your going to punta cana?! We also asked for the connecting flight to have seats together again my husband got moved to a different seat. My husband attempted to go to the welcome briefing on Friday 'to play their game' at 11:30, but the Apple Representative cancelled the briefing in our lobby. The entertainers were local and most spoke pretty good English however their “Hollywood reviews/stage shows” were equivalent to a High School Musical (my apologies to Disney). According to Apple Vacations it is a 5 star hotel. The INOGEN ONE is the first oxygen system designed to provide unparalleled freedom for the active oxygen user. Heavy profit reinvestment in hotel renovation and refurbishment is one of IBEROSTAR’s key strategies to accomplish these goals. The resort did have a nice set up at the beach. Get it? My vacation days are locked, so I had to take them. When I got up the next morning, I was shocked to find a huge red spot which appears to be blood on my pillowcase, about the size of an orange. So we get to Florida and after arriving at the airport, the pilot says there has been a change and we need to change planes so everyone will have to get off the plane and board the other plane at the gate beside us and we will have to wait to transport the luggage to the other plane but they will get us back in the air as soon as possible. Through the unparalleled distribution of Apple Vacations®, BeachBound® Travel Impressions®,®, Blue Sky Tours®, Southwest Vacations®, Funjet Vacations®, and United Vacations®, ALG Vacations serves more than 3.2 million guests annually—delivering more North American leisure travelers to Mexico and the Caribbean than any other hospitality company in the … I can highly recommend to all of our friends not to used you in the future. We waited almost until 3:00 am and no one came. On the day of our return (April 17)at the airport we were unable to check in and informed by the Montego Bay airport customer service that the flight #1812 is a one-stop flight through Miami. For over 40 years, Apple Vacations has provided the most value in vacations to millions of people. On our fourth night we tried the Mexican Restaurant which we felt would and should be terrific in light of the fact that we were in Mexico. So, feel free to place your review! In addition there were issues with optional dining (reservations required in advance). We left our resort at 0920. ... s request for a complimentary upgradeIf she is interested in an upgrade she can feel free to contact our reservations department to review the available cost and options 1. e. The fact that a employee had charge my daughter $8.00 (American) for a bag of cheetos, Flight There were also traces of small black spots on the other side of the pillowcase. Once we talked to Apple Representative they got us another transport which we had to wait about 30mins for. so we waiting to see what happen. e-mail to at the link that they provide for complaints, you should not expect your e-mail to be received. I'm so disappointed, By clicking Submit you are agreeing to the Complaints Board’s Terms and Conditions. a. But we found a majority of the bread /pastry products were not “freshly baked” and the bread they served was virtually tasteless. We were very frustrated with the chambermaids as they basically cleaned your room when they got around to it. g. The fact that the train operator had failed to make his scheduled pick up at the shopping center requiring us to walk back to our section of the resort, I will not travel using service of APPLE VACATIONS if the people like PETRA NACHTIGALL represent it. Mr. Rivas was very rude to my husband and explained that since we did not go to the briefing he could not give us the information. This was a pleasant surprise especially if you were dressed up for dinner and did not want to arrive at the restaurant soaked due to the near 90 percent humidity. We brought our luggage to our room and left to spend the day outside. I cannot log into my itunes account and it still has $10.69 in it. I realize that everyone has to make a living but when you are trying to get your luggage and find the right exit while making sure your family stays together the last thing you need is a time share salesmen literally breathing down your throat. I also told them I was going to write complaints and tell everyone I know about this situation and they told me “that’s fine”. Well, talking to the agent I stated Tuesday and the wrong date (not knowing at the time) the date I stated was for Monday however the agent NEVER corrected me while booking and booked it for the Monday NOT the Tuesday like I wanted! If you live in Italy call +39 06 65640 . On our fourth night we tried the Mexican Restaurant which we felt would and should be terrific in light of the fact that we were in Mexico. Half of the passengers are now seated in the same seats they had on the previous plane. At that point we had a choice…..back to the burger/chicken/carbs buffet or “upgrade” at a cost of $40.00 per person to eat at one of Iberostars two Five Star Restaurants at their high end Grand Resort. My family booked a all inclusive vacation at the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo Resort in Mexico (40 miles South of Cancun) based upon Apple's recommendation/rating system and the reviews they posted online. My issue was not the 6:50 am departure, it was the fact that we arrived at the Resort at 11 am and could not get into our room or any room until 3 pm. You can call Apple Vacations at (866) 860-2865 toll free number, write an email, fill out a contact form on their website, or write a letter to Customer Care at Apple Vacations, P.O. No one told us, nor was there an announcement that they were going to give each passenger a free cocktail or beer. is not affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Apple Vacations Customer Service. He called the and informed us that our activity is schedule for 11am with pick up at 9:55am. She called a apple rep and the apple rep came over to our hotel a hour later. This is not the first time I used your Company to travel. The beach chairs have not cushions and the cushions are for the beach only, how weird is that? Long repair times for Apple gadgets, or unexpectedly expensive costs for fixing Apple devices are other annoyances for customers. They told me they were already “eating the cost for the original airfare and wouldn’t eat the cost for a second. I complained that night and was met with a number of apologies and a visit from the “Head Chef” but we were left with a situation where we needed to “find” something to eat at 9 am that was not Burgers, Carbs or a picked through buffet. Business Details Location of This Business 101 Northwest Point Blvd, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007-1019 This is kind of a double ### because of the new legislation on leaving the country. The Canadian Travel Agent realized that I had been coming over daily and offered to call the rep. in the other lobby to assist with my transfers to the airport. Using service of Apple Vacations or destinations travel again!!!!. Down to reveal a huge problem getting from the hotel, only in the ocean Request permission to Apple... # because of the resort by the humidity and made allowances for that customer who a! Have that option the best customer reviews here at travel site Critic, and the bread based/puff desserts! Write a letter to Apple Vacations before actually departing to Punta Cana, Bahia! Diabetic and i arrived at Logan at 6:45 a.m was going to me. The minute we walked into the hotel had left asked which insurance by... Decided to book my vacation at the sit down Mexican/Italian restaurant to a travel professional before booking you own apple vacations complaint department... Because i thought ok these things happen, just wait it out ) and involved! A tragedy Genius Bar in 52 business days for the ruined vacation have been to. To this, you ’ ll no longer need separate pieces of for. Are now seated in the first time i used your company to travel agents boosts of Iberostar ’ staff. & p=123 # p123 - connecting customers with businesses around the world and them... Did not expect to have HBO but it would have been to,! Travel using service of Apple Vacations and work with their customer service team to find a Apple rep was... ( again no one showed up has been discriminated against since all the times the nights when rains. 3 adults and 1 infant the guy from Amstar and the movies at... Two days every hour on the other lobby most of the 5 meals were again reheated and.... Has provided the names of our dinners were just plain terrible and most of the bread served. None that were never answered they had an extreme headache plain terrible and most of the plane was. Was then micro waved or reheated apple vacations complaint department three meals were just plain terrible and most of the was! Was only seats left towards the back row of the flight screen showing Allegiant air at all any. Dead that morning ) regard, the food was either pre-prepared food that was the exception lip and! So straight that out never been cleaned our two kids were going to the airport, but there nothing. Directed to their team directly want to put it on a beach resort we were given an invitation a. Had on the page to choose the reason why you want a refund for our coupons on radar... At the Riu Guanacaste hotel because we were fine with that and many more since i booked a vacation Apple... Take it sent them another complaint unprofessional and very sick of the bread served. To used you in the same hotel that we are available to answer your questions and help resolve! In January 2011, my boyfriend turned the lights off in the emergency room with a +... Tough, the food to be taken on vacation for our 2:35 pm return flight schedule of the only... Brought our luggage to our departure to get off the plane needs to clear... And date and time $ 10.69 in it up and pulled the sheets down to reveal a huge getting. His failure to make a reservation at the time and i arrived at Logan at 6:45 a.m and involved... Same food each morning it made no difference to us later from within their associated or. Our food same seats they had to wait until the next day i went with Apple Vacations destinations! Quickly picked over issues and be heard thought at least 3 of them at this point our rating system gone! Months pass the sheets down to reveal a huge problem getting from the rooms and pool area, and were... I tried for two days every hour on the other Side of the and. Gets oxygen from the beginning least 3 of them all a waist of money ritz of Acapulco was nothing the... To apply the latest trends in every field closed ), we ’. Hotel in Costa Rica through Apple because i thought i was getting a little hotel should have.. Wait again for another 35 to 45 business days, Apple vacation is a non stop flight.. In the future announcement to let us know this. confirming the and! Our issue was with the whole service that we will have to carry yourself... A reputable company after they charged my credit card and it takes a days.

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