Doctor and senior man during home visit. A female nurse or a doctor showing test results on a tablet. High angle view. Patient engagement Healthgrid concept

Healthgrid: Improve Patient Engagement with Personalized Technology

A person with a medical condition that will require a stay in the hospital, maybe even surgery, may feel like their life has been turned upside down. There are forms to fill out, pre-admission testing, more forms, and this person may feel like the entire process has become depersonalized.

There is no denying society, in general, seems less social. Some might say we are less social because of technology. That perception is changing because of Healthgrid, a mobile app that is bringing doctors, patients and caregivers together. Healthgrid is bringing personalization back to the healthcare system.

Healthcare Relationship Management

Healthgrid is an application that keeps patients, their healthcare teams, and anyone the patient chooses, informed and aware of the patient’s progress during hospitalization and recovery.

Before Admission

With Healthgrid on your team, patients are informed and connected. The entire process will feel more personalized and simplified. Patient stress can be reduced because the process is clear. The process is simplified.

  • Patients have access to all necessary documents
  • They are sent all pre-admission instructions
  • Their paperwork can be signed right in the system

During Hospitalization

Patients can choose to have their families updated on their progress while they are hospitalized. Communication is maintained. The healthcare team can provide personalized instructions and detail any steps needed for the continuation of care.  All discharge information and instructions are located in one safe place. Everyone is on the same page.

After Discharge

The healthcare team will stay in contact with the patient throughout their recovery. Patients can respond to interactive questionnaires so healthcare providers can monitor their progress. With Healthgrid the communication continues while patients recover at home. With Healthgrid, healthcare providers are involved in patient recovery. Patients are still connected to their healthcare team.

  • Patients can receive medication reminders
  • Interactive questionnaires can improve patient understanding compliance
  • Patients are contacted by phone if they appear to need assistance
  • Patients receive exercise reminders when the time is right
  • Instructions for follow up care are detailed and located where they can be accessed by caregivers


Personalized patient care results in better communication. Patients who are involved in their own care tend to have better outcomes. This is a win for patients and their healthcare providers.

Healthgrid is in use in more than 350 hospitals and healthcare facilities by more than 15 thousand healthcare providers.  Hundreds of thousands of patients and providers have experienced the benefits of the Healthgrid application. Healthgrid is personalized technology to provide and improve patient engagement.