Healthcare CRM: Top Features to Improve Acute Care Processes

The acute care process of a patient’s care journey does more to influence satisfaction ratings than pre and post care processes, although those are very important as well. Healthcare CRM SaaS solutions are at the front lines of improving patient engagement and healthcare outcomes with technology. These are, especially, helping patients and their care teams during acute care processes.

Staying Connected with Families and Care Teams

Using smartphones and other mobile devices, patients‘ families and care teams can receive notifications in real-time, detailing the patient’s care journey through a care narrative. Patients get to choose who is on their care notification list, then each step of the acute care process is shared in real-time to the mobile devices of care teams.

This means care teams can keep track of their loved ones when they can’t be there at the hospital or care facility. The real-time nature of the notifications puts care teams right in the action, and patients will feel better knowing their family and care teams are being notified of every event in the acute care process.

Through HealthGrid’s mobile app, families and care teams of patients can be notified in real-time; they can stay informed on their loved ones’ status and progress, while being instantly notified if any need arises for their presence or contact with: doctors, nurses, patients, or administrative staffs.

Patients and Care Teams have Access to Important Resources

Keeping track of important paperwork and being organized enough to remember: appointments, medications, protocols, and resources – is something patients and their care teams often have trouble with. Many times, the sudden nature of the acute care problems makes the experience rushed and unorganized in the first place.

With HealthGrid’s healthcare CRM SaaS, all the patient’s care journey documentation, information, and resources, are centralized and accessed through their mobile devices. Providers can offer their patients HealthGrid’s CareNotify™ and CareNarrative™ mobile solutions. From these, patients can navigate and facilitate their entire care journey, including: pre, acute, and post care processes.

No longer do patients and providers have to worry about misplaced or misunderstood dis-charge protocols and medication information; no longer do patients have to call over and over again to obtain information about: appointments, protocols, medications, etc. – with easy access to this information and other important resources related to their care journeys, patients will have the tools to be more organized and engaged.

Reduces Administrative Tasks and Gaps in Patient Engagement

The top features that streamline administrative tasks are: automated intelligent outreach, mobile co-pay and check-in, centralized access to resources from mobile devices, referral management, family notifications, post-discharge protocols, patient scheduling in real-time, automated feedback surveys, and integration with medical billing systems. These features all work toward streamlining administrative functions for providers and their busy staffs.

During acute care processes, many of these top features help to unburden administrative staffs and engage patients and their care teams in the process. Gaps in patient engagement are reduced when patients have the information and answers needed at the tip of their fingers, in an easy to use and understand mobile app dashboard interface.


As the healthcare industry shifts toward a value based pay model, providers are looking toward healthcare CRM solutions to optimize the care journey. When providers’ staffs are unburdened and patients have the tools needed to be informed and engaged throughout the care journey, then healthcare outcomes and satisfaction ratings will improve.

The top features offered with healthcare CRM solutions focus on reaching patients through their smartphones and mobile devices. Automated administrative processes, real-time family notifications, and centralization of important care journey resources – are all possible with the cloud and mobile computing technology used with innovative healthcare CRM solutions.