Sick young woman in bed using a health care CRM to communicate with physician

Health IT: Empowering Patients for a Superior Patient Relationship

For a physician, it can sometimes be hard to understand the patient’s point of view. You may have trained for your position a decade or more, undertaking perhaps the most demanding and extensive training regimen existing in labor today. You have passed your MCATS, finished your residency, and continued your training through a variety of education programs. With all the work you’ve done, it can be irksome when a patient insists something “feels off” and starts to disagree with your years of experience. When you hear about other health-care organizations granting patients access to your charts you may be skeptical and see it as aiding the controversial trend of patient self-diagnosis.

But Health IT Value Suite provides is different, empowering a patients reason rather than their fears. When a patient enters your office scared, skeptical, often panicked. The symptoms they experience may be unusual to them, and they may interpret what they are feeling with the worst possible case. They can feel helpless against a death or disability they cannot prevent.

This changes with greater patient engagement. When a patient has access to much of the same knowledge, data, and resources as you do, the patient becomes more informed about their case and their situation will feel less exotic. Their communication with you will improve as they begin to use much of the same professional language that you do, gaining greater confidence in their ability to work with you in keeping them healthy. Most importantly they will be able to access this information even when you out of the office.