4 Simple Ways to Improve Patient Engagement

According to Medical Practice Insider, improving your levels of patient engagement provides a number of benefits. These include lower costs due to more efficient work processes, better communication with patients, higher levels of patient satisfaction, and even the improved health of the population in general. What are some ways to improve[…]

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The Importance of Patient Engagement

Having an open and honest relationship in the exam room is important–for both parties. Health care professionals and patients both benefit greatly from this type of interaction, patient engagement. Feeling involved. Everyone likes to have a say in decisions, especially ones that involve them so personally like those pertaining to health[…]

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Powerful CRM Boosts Patient Engagement

Enlisting the help of a powerful customer relationship management program via a helpdesk software will drive patient engagement. The benefits of proactive outreach to the health consumer are two-fold; on the one hand, there is the positive impact on the patients, and secondly, the medical team gains better insight of[…]

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