Shot of male pharmacist sitting at his desk and working with digital tablet and computer to improve patient engagement

Effective Patient Engagement Initiatives

Healthcare is evolving into a collaborative venture between patients and clinicians. Patients are looking not just to remedy an ailment but also contribute to the holistic healing and well-being of a patient. When patients participate in making health care decisions, they record better outcomes. Ergo, patient engagement initiatives are garnering[…]

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Manager leading a business meeting with colleagues and medical professionals about Xealth and other digital health apps.

How Xealth is Improving Patient Engagement

An early stage healthcare startup named Xealth is making waves as one of the hottest digital health apps on the market. The cloud-based software company’s sole mission is to make it easier for doctors to prescribe digital healthcare services to their patients and improve overall patient engagement. Xealth recently raised $8.5 million in its[…]

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IoT medical technology concept, human genetic engineering, neuroscience, 3d rendering

How IoT is Improving Patient Engagement

The Internet of Things (or IoT) is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. IoT refers to the inter-networking of smart devices and other electronics with internet capabilities which allows them to collect and exchange data. A recent study reveals that healthcare IoT market may expand to $136.8 billion worldwide by 2021. Providers and patients are embracing the[…]

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