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How Can You Bring More Empathy in Patient Engagement Through Digital Technology?

We still see so many debates and confusion over what empathy really is in our culture. In the medical world, you’ll find some perceptions that there isn’t enough empathy between doctors and patients. The same sometimes gets said about other medical personnel when dealing with chronically ill people.

patient engagement

Over the last few years, we’ve seen various essays written talking about how empathy should become taught in the health care field. While you might argue empathy isn’t something teachable and more a natural feeling, you can still do actionable steps to prove genuineness.

One of those is sending educational information and reminders through digital communication.

Patient engagement becomes enhanced greatly when you send things to patients before, during, or after their appointments take place. Even if this isn’t face-to-face empathy in practice, you’ll prove your value greatly, especially when using automation.

All of this works through a CRM where you can prove empathy in communications with those needing special medical attention.

Calming Nerves Before Care Takes Place

You may receive a call from a new or existing patient who’s scared because they have symptoms of an unexplained illness. Medical personnel may just formally set an appointment on the phone for the person to come in for examination.

This procedure doesn’t really prove much in the way of empathy for how a patient feels. Instead, a CRM lets you text the patient information they can use to help calm their nerves.

All they have to do is upload an app on their mobile devices so they can receive communications from you. Imagine how you can shape their attitude if a sick patient receives a text about ways they can control their symptoms before seeing a doctor.

With existing patients, CRM analytics give you a more targeted idea of what’s possibly wrong and how to manage it before arriving.

Inquiring About Medical Conditions

Sometimes simply texting a patient and asking how they are is enough of a step forward to make empathy part of your medical mission. You can do this with a CRM where sending mass texts to select patients at specific times lets you show you care.

Through automation, you set specific messages ahead of time to arrive at a moment when you know it’s appropriate for a patient. It’s possible to do this before a patient arrives so you can get an idea of how they’re feeling. Or, you can send it right after they leave to follow up on post-care.

Showing Empathy in the Post-Care Phase

There isn’t anything more important than showing you care about quick recovery once a patient goes home from the hospital or after an appointment. Just sending them off and not bothering to communicate until they return shows you’re just treating them like another number.

Through your CRM, you’re able to send personal information directly to a patient’s mobile device to help through a recovery phase. It saves paper this way, including not worrying about documents becoming lost in the chaotic shuffle.

Much of this can include more than just educational tools to recover quicker. You should also send surveys asking specific questions about whether the patient was comfortable during their treatment or stay.

Letting patients have a sounding board like this is a major way to express empathy through the digital realms. This gives you proof it can work, while giving you data in your analytics platform to help you make better future decisions.

Here at HealthGrid, we provide a CRM that takes empathy notifications seriously. Visit us to find out more about features and how you can make healthcare empathy work in a new way.