i don't like coding what should i do

You don’t need to know how to code to work in cybersecurity. Coding is an insular world that effects our lives more each day. I know, it’s tempting to try make a 3D game, or a nice polished GUI like you’re accustomed to using. Write lots of code. It seemed logical, since one of the core missions of cybersecurity is to secure computers and computers run on code. But if you know how to code, you don’t have to wait around for help: You might be able to do it yourself. Lots of people ask: “What programming language should I learn first?”. Read, code, read, code, read, and so on, and eventually you will master it. Why? The only way to master a skill like programming is to love it. Don't copy and paste other people's code without understanding it first. When I started to apply for jobs in the industry, I assumed I needed to learn to code. What else can one do with the knowledge of coding? March 6, 2017 cihite Jonson Reply. This problem exists because they do … This is a big one. Yes, employers like bootcamps — but 98% want more oversight. 2. When you get stuck, try to fix the problem yourself, but don't be afraid to ask for help. What we don’t like: The classes are quite railroaded; Score out of 10: 6; Code.org is a site focused purely on a K-12 coding education. You should try to do some coding every day—at least, say, a half hour. Because this is just like learning Spanish or French: Fluency comes from constant use. Newbies often try to do big, deep dives on the weekends, but that’s too infrequent. You don’t know what technology to start with. Coders need to be able to work with, and explain what they do to employers, clients, consumers and coworkers that don’t understand what they do. 3D graphics programming is even harder, because it requires some advanced mathematical concepts. I Don’t Like Programming but I Work as a Programmer. I am a guy who enjoys working solo, I don’t want to work in a team or for an IT industry, but will like to tinker at home in my privacy, building things, but most people who learned coding end up in silicon valley, I am an introvert and I enjoy working solo. The problem is that nice GUIs are usually really hard to create. “I can build landing pages for marketing campaigns without having to rely on a designer or an engineer,” says Tyler Moore, Marketing Director for App Press. In 2016 there were 91 recognized, full-time bootcamps with an estimated 18,000 graduates, according to the coding bootcamp directory Course Report. If your child is interested in coding, or if you yourself are interested in learning coding in a more casual and playful setting, this website is a great place to start. Read theory, but make sure to apply the theory to your code. If you’ve got the inspiration, do try to make a GUI or a 2D game. Write all the code yourself. ... We should have coding side projects we do in evenings / weekends and regularly be attending tech meet-ups. To code is to speak to a computer, so you should be speaking often.

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