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How IoT is Improving Patient Engagement

The Internet of Things (or IoT) is revolutionizing the healthcare industry. IoT refers to the inter-networking of smart devices and other electronics with internet capabilities which allows them to collect and exchange data. A recent study reveals that healthcare IoT market may expand to $136.8 billion worldwide by 2021. Providers and patients are embracing the[…]

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Group Of Doctors Videoconferencing On Computer In Hospital With a Healthcare CRM

Patient care enhanced through healthcare CRM

Decision-makers in the healthcare community, especially the small to medium-size entities, may see Healthcare CRM software as applicable only to larger clinics and hospitals. Not so. In fact, Gartner Research (March 2017) defines a number of vertical, health-care niches where today’s technology can improve operating efficiencies from the following organizations. Each of[…]

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Patient Engagement: Automated or Personal?

According to the Brookings Institute, patient engagement is a key step in improving the overall health of the patient and lowering total medical expenses. Clearly, engagement is important. The best way to achieve the desired outcome, however, is up for debate. In keeping communication lines open with patients, should medical[…]

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